Bratislava Communism Virtual Tour, Welcome

Welcome to Bratislava Communism Virtual Tour

This is a journey of the 20th century Czechoslovakia from the safety of your home

Hey traveller! Congrats! You made it to an exclusive, home-made virtual tour of the communist Bratislava. Local guides and brothers Peter and Brano are happy to take you to the journey in time. This is a guided experience of Czechoslovak 20th century history, with focus on the communist era 1948 - 1989. Get ready for 8 chapters with 1.5 hours of videos and tonnes of interesting facts. At the end of each one you will get a short quiz. The total experience should last 2 hours. Feel free to interrupt the flow anytime, or to enjoy it with your family and friends. Here we go!

6 facts about Slovakia you maybe did not know.

  1. Slovakia is in the heart of Europe. Indeed. We have the geographical centre of Europe, just like the Czechs, Hungarians, Polish, Ukrainians, Lithuanians, Estonians and Belarussians.
  2. Slovakia is also the roof of Europe. Just like Switzerland. Our rivers flow both to the Black Sea and to the Baltic Sea.
  3. Slovakia has everything apart from a sea. And, apart from pyramids, active volcanoes, tropical forests and glaciers.
  4. Slovaks are some of the most hospitable nations worldwide. They will offer you bread and salt upon your arrival 🙂
  5. Slovakia has given a big number of famous people to the world. The most well-known is Andy Warhol, though he was born in the USA to Slovak emigrants and he never visited Slovakia. But we do have a huge museum of his famous works in eastern Slovakia.
  6. Slovaks were part of Czechoslovakia for 75 years, from 1918 until 1992. Although we even managed to have our own (fascist) Slovak republic during the WWII, the legitimacy of this state is doubted.